Art 110 Recap

After 12 weeks in this class, I have actually learned a lot more than I had expected. I knew of the regular artists like Monet and Da Vinci but never knew about more of the more modern art. It helped me to open my eyes and gain a better appreciation of what artists do. I feel like after gaining this insight I can be one of those people staring at a painting in a museum that just looks like it doesn’t have much do do with anything.

I would have to say that my favorite activities were:

  1. Week 7’s Ephemeral Art (SnapChat). This was my favorite because it worked perfectly with my circumstances at the time. I had to take a 20 hour, 1900 mile journey by myself with nothing to do at that time of night. Because of this I ended up with a 200 second story that people actually read through and commented on
  2. Week 2’s Sculpture (Plaster Casting). This was my second favorite because it presented me with a challenge that let me test my artistic freedom and get something cute out of it.
  3. Week 11’s Fine Photography (Landscapes w/ a Corpse). This was my other favorite because it is something that I had never heard of. It was curious thinking of and it made for a silly kind of activity that left a lot of questions for friends that I asked for help.

For my least favorite activities

  1. Week 4’s Game Design (3D VR Chair). I actually thought this was an interesting activity. But having to work on it by myself left me completely flustered. I feel like I can be a tech-y person but new softwares are not my forte so that small chair I made took 3 hours at least
  2. Week 6’s  Architecture & Urban Planning. This activity was one of my least favorite because it was lacking appeal for me. Like I stated, I enjoy my neighborhood and it’s layout is very practical in my area. To make this more interesting I would suggest giving options of poor architecture planning and see what the class can create.
  3. Week 8’s Museum Visit. This one had to be placed on my list just because of the unfortunate timing. I have quite a hectic two weeks in Michigan which left me insane and sick for a half a week after returning. I feel like this would work better over the semester rather than during the summer

Again, software is not my strong suit, but once I figured it out, I really enjoyed slack. everything was in one clean place and it was easier to search for certain messages or instructions. It made it easy to share ideas or pictures found of the certain subject and made it all more simple having more of an instant chat option rather than a email option.

My advice for the lectures is to keep it up! Your enthusiasm shows when you’re speaking and if you are interested in the matter, it becomes interesting for the audience.

Glenn you made this summer interesting for me and helped show me how interested I really am with art. It may not be museum worth painting, but it is something that I have been gaining skill in and am taking pride in it. It also feels more productive than sitting around watching TV. I hope you have a good fall semester and I am excited that one of my friends is actually taking your course! I hope to come in and say hi soon 🙂


Week 12 – Artist – Andy Warhol

An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.


Andy Warhol is one of the biggest artists of our time. His art is recognized by everyone if they know it or not. His works were mainly prominent in the 60s and 70s. With his works Warhol changed the look of art forever. He brought popular culture into art commonly, where it found its place.

Attempted Murder

The biggest turn in Warhol’s life was when someone had attempted to kill him in 1968. He was shot by a feminist who was upset after not receiving her script back from Warhol. The other victim was minorly injured while Warhol had suffered serious damage to his heart. Her reasoning was that “he had too much control over my life.

“Before I was shot, I always thought that I was more half-there than all-there—I always suspected that I was watching TV instead of living life. People sometimes say that the way things happen in movies is unreal, but actually it’s the way things happen in life that’s unreal. The movies make emotions look so strong and real, whereas when things really do happen to you, it’s like watching television—you don’t feel anything. Right when I was being shot and ever since, I knew that I was watching television. The channels switch, but it’s all television.”

Warhol’s Works

We live in an age when the traditional great subjects – the human form, the landscape, even newer traditions such as abstract expressionism – are daily devalued by commercial art.

Warhol began exhibiting his works in the 50s with his silk screening. In ’62 his famous pop art had debuted. With his pop art, Warhol began painting iconic American objects (like Campbell’s cans of soup) and people (like Marilyn Monroe).

Pop Art





What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca-Cola, and you can know that the President drinks Coke. Liz Taylor drinks Coke, and just think, you can drink Coke, too.

Week 11 – Activity – Landscapes With A Corpse

This was quite an interesting activity we got to do this week. We got to take a page out of Izima Kaoru’s book and take pictures as a “corpse”. His style is romanticizing and beautifying the idea of death. The artist himself is not only uncomfortable, but is scared of death, which makes me curious why he would choose such a curious topic.

My experience attempting to create my own kind of this art was interesting.

First try I got I ended up getting attacked by my dog.
IMG_9340 IMG_9341 IMG_9342 IMG_9343 IMG_9344 IMG_9345

I had a little more luck after that time but still quite not it.IMG_9357

A few days later I tried it at Disneyland with quite a few weird looks.

IMG_9456 IMG_9463 IMG_9465

After that I felt a bit unsanitary and was excited to throw away the cold turkey leg.

This was different than any other of the activities I had to do for this class. It was interesting and it would be fun to take a little more time to set up the landscapes and take pictures of someone who knows how to look “dead” rather than sitting there spaced out like I did.

Week 11 – Artist – Aaron Swartz

Information is power. But like all power, there are those who want to keep it for themselves.


The artist of the week, Aaron Swartz, is actually less of an artist and more of a political activist, or a “hacktivist”. He saw the internet as the world’s largest library, where all “books” should be kept.

What if there was a library which held every book? Not every book on sale, or every important book, or even every book in English, but simply every book – a key part of our planet’s cultural legacy.

With his work towards the creative commons, he uploaded important and secret documents for the public to view because he believed that it was our right as citizens of this planet to know what was actually happening instead of being dependent on the news which could just be propaganda.

Swartz’s Works

Real education is about genuine understanding and the ability to figure things out on your own; not about making sure every 7th grader has memorized all the facts some bureaucrats have put in the 7th grade curriculum.

In 10th grade, Swartz had left his high school to enroll in courses at a Chicago college. At 13 he won the ArsDigita Prize and at 14 worked with the group that started the RSS 1.0 web syndication. He later went on to study at Stanford for his freshman year, but left after to develop his own managment system called Infogami. With lack of funding, Infogami merged with the website Reddit.


  • 2006 – Wikipedia Editor
  • 2008 –
  • 2009 – Progressive Change Campaign Committee
  • 2010 – Freedom of Information Act (to learn about source of WikiLeaks)
  • 2010 – Demand Progress
  • 2011-2012 – DeapDrop
  • 2012 – Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)

Large corporations, of course, are blinded by greed. The laws under which they operate require it – their shareholders would revolt at anything less.

Week 10 – Artist – Vanessa Blaylock

I’m convinced that life is best experienced on foot and on the move.


Vanessa Blaylock is a modern day artist with the application called “Second Life” being her medium. Her artistic art form is by using the avatars and holding a kind of activities. In her about me on her website she says:

“As a young girl growing up in Georgetown my favorite thing was the late-night “philosophy walks” my pseudo-intellectual friends and I would take. I loved wandering the streets & canals of Georgetown, crossing the Key Bridge, loitering at the Boathouse & drinking cheap beer.

Now 3 decades later, walking is still the most compelling thing I can think of. The health benefits of AVtrak, the immersive experience of the Pedestrian Access project, the identity & community of a Pride Parade. I’m convinced that life is best experienced on foot and on the move.”

Blaylock’s Works

Blaylock takes a lot of her works to fight for civil rights in the cyberspace community. As stated above she works with AVtrak, the Pedestrian Project, and the Pride Parade. After all that the LGBT community went through in not only America, but globally; a lot of people have jumped on with their support if a part of the community or not. While a lot of people could gather in places like San Francisco, CA or even our home in Long Beach, CA; there are obvious barriers from keeping a larger number from gathering because of the vastness of our world. One way to connect easier than would have ever been able to is through the internet where the only barrier is time and language (which could easily be fixed with the quick help of google)



And Me?

I’m confused. I am at a loss of understanding on this kind of at. I understand the appeal of what she does to herself, but I don’t see how that can transfer to life and how I’m supposed to react to it as the audience. I can see that she wants others to participate in her movements, but I, myself, can’t even seem to understand what her movements are and what they represent. Maybe it’s just me being overwhelmed with the thought of moving in five days and still recovering for large travels but this is a concept that I can’t grasp though I would like to.

“I was the Choreographer at Vanessa Blaylock Dancers and the Artistic Director at Vanessa Blaylock Company. Today my work focuses on Public Art projects. I’m interested in the mediation of perception and mixed reality performance works. I’m passionate about community and civil rights in cyberspace.”

Week 7 – Activity – Snapchat

Welcome to the 21st century where a lot of skill had been taken away from creating art. Now cameras are easily accessible to almost everyone of every age. That use of cameras went from taking pictures of other things to now taking pictures of mainly ourselves. This has become a narcassistic generation that the pictures need to be about us and make people jealous for what we do rather than what others are doing. 

Now instead of just having those pictures to take, we have many different applications and outlets to share these pictures to show the largest populations that we can.

One of my favorite outlets for this is the smartphone app, Snapchat for many reasons. With this app you get to choose your audience, making it visible to anywhere from 1 person to all of your friends. For me, I like to use it with a sort of humor. Depending on the days I won’t use the app at all or I won’t stop. 
For those who are friends with me know exactly what I mean. The 24 hours before I wrote this post have been quite a long and tedious trek to Detroit. I left Fresno at 8 PM, got to LAX at 1:30 AM and departed for Dallas at 5:00 AM and departed for Detroit finally at 12:40 PM but not getting to my hotel until 7:15 PM. With this crazy trek on my own I shared a lot of random bits with my friends to make my snapchat “story” reaching 142 seconds (when I typically keep it around 15).  
Including but not limited to:

The best thing about these is they will disappear 24 hours after being posted. 
It was interesting seeing what others posted: 

And my personal favorites:  

Week 7 – Artist – Janet Cardiff

janet cardiff


Janet Cardiff is a modern artist, again of unconventional means. While for most, art is still seen somewhere along the lines of paint on a canvas; Cardiff changes the whole structure with her audio and visual tours.These tours took place in many different kinds of environments and took on many different views triggering many different emotions of the audience.

Cardiff’s Works

Cardiff’s works are truly unique. I’ve seen video tours and participated in audio tours such as the one on Alcatraz in San Francisco, but there was nothing artistic to those. There is something un-explainable about it that makes the tours what they are. It could be the semi-staged scenes or her soothing voice. The somber and quiet background music or the deepness of her words.

And Me?

I am truly at a lack of words with this artist, as you can tell by the briefness of this blog post compared to the others. When listening to Glenn’s lecture I was stumped on what he was even talking about. I understood the concept of the audio and video tour but I couldn’t understand why someone would ever consider that art. Immediately after I watched one of her video/audio tours and it started to make sense. There is a unique kind of beauty in her videos and audio clips that I haven’t seen or heard anywhere else. The best way I could really try to understand her works was to try it myself. I walked through my neighborhood thinking on those deeper terms and it brought new questions that I have never even thought of because of how comfortable I was in that area. After, I tried it in a place I was unfamiliar with and tried recording it and speaking like she did.

The result was once again as curious as trying to understand her works. I’m not used to asking those kind of conversations, and trying to think that while I, myself, was exhausted and trying to figure out where to go was actually very interesting, and I think called for something a little more interesting than I would have expected. I believe her work isn’t something that you can explain in any way, no matter how hard you try, but instead is something one needs to experience to try to understand.

Week 6 – Activity – Architecture

Looking around my neighborhood…

Screenshot 2015-07-04 11.17.23

I actually really appreciate it’s layout. It’s nice and organized, not lots of random turns and no real threat of getting lost. I personally wouldn’t do much to change it. Each house has an adequate space, which is very surprising for our overpopulated state of California.

Rather than changing layout, I would make aesthetic changes. As I showed you all in my first week’s vlog, Fresno is definitely suffering this water shortage and anywhere you go there is brown grass, which really brings down the looks of the city, but it’s necessary. Obviously, there are people who will find alternatives. I’ve hear of people reusing water from showers or sinks to water plants, and people are working on replacing their lawns. I’ve seen dirt, rock, succulent and turf “front lawns”. Another alternative we have, that is something that I have never heard of, if a biodegradable spray paint for your lawn to at least let it look green.

Further on the eco-friendly terms, I would have more houses using solar panels, my house is pretty much one out of four in the neighborhood.

I guess if I had to change something architecturally I would fix the foundations in the houses. These houses, though they still look nice, were built in the 1950’s and the foundation is starting to wear. When we were looking to move out there, my parents would visit houses that they ended up calling “crack houses” due to visible cracks in the structure of the house. Luckily we live in an area that isn’t effected by many natural disasters, but eventually these houses could cause a threat to the inhabitants.

Week 6 – Artist – Nikki S. Lee

“My life and work are not separate. I just have more roles than other people. And I have photographs.” ~ Nikki S. Lee


Nikki S. Lee is a photographic artist with her art starting in the 1990’s and continuing still today. Unlike most photographers, Lee herself does not actually take the pictures, but instead is part of the picture. In her many works, Lee herself has transformed into many different people of different races, backgrounds, social standing, and occupations making her works stand out from the rest. Her art is a look into what identity really is and her view of it. She wanted to be able to identify with other groups, which would then let them identify with her (an idea she took from a Buddhist saying “I can be someone else and that someone else can be me as well.”).

Lee’s Works

“It’s about me. The question is about me, but to show me with the other people in the project becomes every much significant. The identity question of myself requires me to look at the relationships with myself and other people.” ~ Lee when asked if her art is about her or the people by the creators project


Nikki S. Lee took her art from just being pictures on a wall to being a social experiment. She sought to seek out exactly what identity is for each person. We all know that how we live, where we live, our race, and so many other factors influence what we identify as. Lee knew this going into her works, and she tried pushing the bounds of the conventional ideas of identities. Not only did she replicate herself into each “identity” she worked with, but she actually became it. It may look easy to just dress as the groups do and snap a picture, but Lee took her projects way further than that. She observed the groups for a few days, got the look straight, and then joined them and their lifestyle for a week or two. Her art went way beyond the photographs in building understanding between different groups in New York City.

Lee identifying as Hispanic
Lee identifying as a skater
Lee identifying as a “Yuppie”
Lee identifying as an exotic dancer

In her next series of photographs, Lee leaned more to building a scene with other “characters”. While in her last series she worked with groups, in this series she created personal stories. Throughout the series she is still the center of the pictures, but many of the shots include a man but almost always cutting off the head to leave the man unrecognizable. This is where the series got its name, “Parts”. Each picture is obviously telling some kind of story but there is always a part missing, a side to the story that we don’t know. We could guess what it is, but that is only off of what Lee expresses for us. For example:

Here a woman could be in a fight with her significant other, or she could have just heard bad news.
Here the man could be either lovingly or sensually stroking her hair.
Here the woman could be escorted to a formal dinner or could be exploring alone with the man.

And me?

Identity is a curious and sensitive topic for some people. Some find comfort in their identities, and others may feel insecure about them.Some can live with what they would typically be identified, while others work to change their identification. Something that has been coming up in news are people like Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox, both very strong and influential women, though they were not born that way. Though both were born male, that isn’t how they identified themselves, so they took the chance and changed their physical traits to match what they identified as. Another case similar to this yet somewhat unheard of is the instance with Rachel Dolezal managing to disguise herself as an African-American for years. She was born Caucasian, but for the same reason Jenner and Cox changed their appearance, she changed hers to match what she identified as. This sparked a lot of debate on if that is acceptable or not. Something that came out of it though, is a realization that “race” is an idea rather than an actual description. This just brings more complications to the idea of human rights and how much further we still are from reaching an all around human equality.

“People think a big camera and big lighting will make art, and I want to break that rule. If you have a great concept, it can be art.” ~ Nikki S. Lee