Art 110 Recap

After 12 weeks in this class, I have actually learned a lot more than I had expected. I knew of the regular artists like Monet and Da Vinci but never knew about more of the more modern art. It helped me to open my eyes and gain a better appreciation of what artists do. I feel like after gaining this insight I can be one of those people staring at a painting in a museum that just looks like it doesn’t have much do do with anything.

I would have to say that my favorite activities were:

  1. Week 7’s Ephemeral Art (SnapChat). This was my favorite because it worked perfectly with my circumstances at the time. I had to take a 20 hour, 1900 mile journey by myself with nothing to do at that time of night. Because of this I ended up with a 200 second story that people actually read through and commented on
  2. Week 2’s Sculpture (Plaster Casting). This was my second favorite because it presented me with a challenge that let me test my artistic freedom and get something cute out of it.
  3. Week 11’s Fine Photography (Landscapes w/ a Corpse). This was my other favorite because it is something that I had never heard of. It was curious thinking of and it made for a silly kind of activity that left a lot of questions for friends that I asked for help.

For my least favorite activities

  1. Week 4’s Game Design (3D VR Chair). I actually thought this was an interesting activity. But having to work on it by myself left me completely flustered. I feel like I can be a tech-y person but new softwares are not my forte so that small chair I made took 3 hours at least
  2. Week 6’s  Architecture & Urban Planning. This activity was one of my least favorite because it was lacking appeal for me. Like I stated, I enjoy my neighborhood and it’s layout is very practical in my area. To make this more interesting I would suggest giving options of poor architecture planning and see what the class can create.
  3. Week 8’s Museum Visit. This one had to be placed on my list just because of the unfortunate timing. I have quite a hectic two weeks in Michigan which left me insane and sick for a half a week after returning. I feel like this would work better over the semester rather than during the summer

Again, software is not my strong suit, but once I figured it out, I really enjoyed slack. everything was in one clean place and it was easier to search for certain messages or instructions. It made it easy to share ideas or pictures found of the certain subject and made it all more simple having more of an instant chat option rather than a email option.

My advice for the lectures is to keep it up! Your enthusiasm shows when you’re speaking and if you are interested in the matter, it becomes interesting for the audience.

Glenn you made this summer interesting for me and helped show me how interested I really am with art. It may not be museum worth painting, but it is something that I have been gaining skill in and am taking pride in it. It also feels more productive than sitting around watching TV. I hope you have a good fall semester and I am excited that one of my friends is actually taking your course! I hope to come in and say hi soon 🙂


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