Week 10 – Artist – Vanessa Blaylock

I’m convinced that life is best experienced on foot and on the move.


Vanessa Blaylock is a modern day artist with the application called “Second Life” being her medium. Her artistic art form is by using the avatars and holding a kind of activities. In her about me on her website she says:

“As a young girl growing up in Georgetown my favorite thing was the late-night “philosophy walks” my pseudo-intellectual friends and I would take. I loved wandering the streets & canals of Georgetown, crossing the Key Bridge, loitering at the Boathouse & drinking cheap beer.

Now 3 decades later, walking is still the most compelling thing I can think of. The health benefits of AVtrak, the immersive experience of the Pedestrian Access project, the identity & community of a Pride Parade. I’m convinced that life is best experienced on foot and on the move.”

Blaylock’s Works

Blaylock takes a lot of her works to fight for civil rights in the cyberspace community. As stated above she works with AVtrak, the Pedestrian Project, and the Pride Parade. After all that the LGBT community went through in not only America, but globally; a lot of people have jumped on with their support if a part of the community or not. While a lot of people could gather in places like San Francisco, CA or even our home in Long Beach, CA; there are obvious barriers from keeping a larger number from gathering because of the vastness of our world. One way to connect easier than would have ever been able to is through the internet where the only barrier is time and language (which could easily be fixed with the quick help of google)



And Me?

I’m confused. I am at a loss of understanding on this kind of at. I understand the appeal of what she does to herself, but I don’t see how that can transfer to life and how I’m supposed to react to it as the audience. I can see that she wants others to participate in her movements, but I, myself, can’t even seem to understand what her movements are and what they represent. Maybe it’s just me being overwhelmed with the thought of moving in five days and still recovering for large travels but this is a concept that I can’t grasp though I would like to.

“I was the Choreographer at Vanessa Blaylock Dancers and the Artistic Director at Vanessa Blaylock Company. Today my work focuses on Public Art projects. I’m interested in the mediation of perception and mixed reality performance works. I’m passionate about community and civil rights in cyberspace.”


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