Week 7 – Activity – Snapchat

Welcome to the 21st century where a lot of skill had been taken away from creating art. Now cameras are easily accessible to almost everyone of every age. That use of cameras went from taking pictures of other things to now taking pictures of mainly ourselves. This has become a narcassistic generation that the pictures need to be about us and make people jealous for what we do rather than what others are doing. 

Now instead of just having those pictures to take, we have many different applications and outlets to share these pictures to show the largest populations that we can.

One of my favorite outlets for this is the smartphone app, Snapchat for many reasons. With this app you get to choose your audience, making it visible to anywhere from 1 person to all of your friends. For me, I like to use it with a sort of humor. Depending on the days I won’t use the app at all or I won’t stop. 
For those who are friends with me know exactly what I mean. The 24 hours before I wrote this post have been quite a long and tedious trek to Detroit. I left Fresno at 8 PM, got to LAX at 1:30 AM and departed for Dallas at 5:00 AM and departed for Detroit finally at 12:40 PM but not getting to my hotel until 7:15 PM. With this crazy trek on my own I shared a lot of random bits with my friends to make my snapchat “story” reaching 142 seconds (when I typically keep it around 15).  
Including but not limited to:

The best thing about these is they will disappear 24 hours after being posted. 
It was interesting seeing what others posted: 

And my personal favorites:  


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