Week 6 – Activity – Architecture

Looking around my neighborhood…

Screenshot 2015-07-04 11.17.23

I actually really appreciate it’s layout. It’s nice and organized, not lots of random turns and no real threat of getting lost. I personally wouldn’t do much to change it. Each house has an adequate space, which is very surprising for our overpopulated state of California.

Rather than changing layout, I would make aesthetic changes. As I showed you all in my first week’s vlog, Fresno is definitely suffering this water shortage and anywhere you go there is brown grass, which really brings down the looks of the city, but it’s necessary. Obviously, there are people who will find alternatives. I’ve hear of people reusing water from showers or sinks to water plants, and people are working on replacing their lawns. I’ve seen dirt, rock, succulent and turf “front lawns”. Another alternative we have, that is something that I have never heard of, if a biodegradable spray paint for your lawn to at least let it look green.

Further on the eco-friendly terms, I would have more houses using solar panels, my house is pretty much one out of four in the neighborhood.

I guess if I had to change something architecturally I would fix the foundations in the houses. These houses, though they still look nice, were built in the 1950’s and the foundation is starting to wear. When we were looking to move out there, my parents would visit houses that they ended up calling “crack houses” due to visible cracks in the structure of the house. Luckily we live in an area that isn’t effected by many natural disasters, but eventually these houses could cause a threat to the inhabitants.


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