Week 3 – Activity – Social Photography

This week’s experiment has taken place on Instagram! As we could tell from last week’s experiment of the plaster casting, everyone in this art course are in different places. Some near the beach and some quite far like myself. With this, it is obvious that we all lead very different lives but they also can be very similar.

The popular app, Instagram, on smartphones and tablets is a way to update “followers” on your daily life even if it’s something that you wouldn’t even talk about. These pictures can be followed with a witty caption and a hashtag which is used to see other pictures of the same subject. Some examples of popular hashtags are:

Photo Jun 14, 4 31 52 PM
Photo Jun 14, 4 33 36 PM
Photo Jun 14, 4 34 48 PM

So this week the art class as a whole created the hashtag #art110su15. Through this hashtag, we all posted pictures throughout one day and got to see how our lives compared just through seeing small snaps.Photo Jun 14, 4 17 52 PM

Through this we saw the daily life of the rest of the class, and I was actually surprised with the outcome. It was really interesting seeing how our days went and what we were all doing through the whole day and things we had in common. I actually saw both a lot of dogs and food in most of our lives and our Instagram accounts.

I actually really did enjoy this experiment and this is something that I could see being something that I continue to do. I do see people using similar methods such as creating hashtags for events such as weddings or conventions. Through those you can get all of the pictures of the event without needing to ask for pictures individually, and this is something that really shows the benefits of  social media.


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