Detroit Cooler – Day 1


I thought I’m figuring out this website, so I might as well use it for myself and art or adventures! Currently I am planning to paint a cooler Detroit themed for Father’s day with each professional sports team on each side and a sky line on the lid.

Day One

To start, it gets hot in Fresno. Hot and dry. It was 97 when I was working on this today. To me, the best way to get through these days is by taking advantage of them. So I went and worked on this outside! I already did the hard part which is sanding down the whole cooler and worked on priming it today. While waiting for the sides to dry I went and got an ice cold lemonade and just relaxed in the sun with some 90’s hits on. This is definitely what summer should feel like.

Photo May 30, 3 30 59 PM


One thought on “Detroit Cooler – Day 1

  1. awesome Becca! You should jump in that pool once an hour! When it gets hot I feel lethargic, unmotivated, and it’s hard to think. If I jump in a pool for just a single minute my mind already feels so much clearer and motivated.

    Great that you’re blogging this project!


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